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White hat, proven, search engine optimisation techniques, to get your business the visibility and traffic it deserves.

You probably found us by searching for SEO Edinburgh, SEO Glasgow or SEO Belfast. If we can rank for these super competitive terms you can rest assured that we can rank your website for any search term.

Our cutting edge, SEO strategies are compliant with Google’s guidelines, and will push your business to new heights of success. You can be sure that your site will be safe from any future search engine algorithm changes ensuring long term rankings and success.

We are not a boom and bust SEO company. Your long term success is our number one priority. We constantly analyse trends in the search marketing world to keep your business ahead of the game.

Our SEO packages are designed to suit businesses both large and small. We can rank you in local or national search results with the ultimate aim of increasing your ROI.

We believe that SEO should be a major component in any business’ marketing plan. We do not offer ‘Get Rich Quick’ or ‘Half Price SEO’ or similar. Companies that offer such services cannot dedicate the time, effort and resources required to make your search engine placement long-term.

The face of SEO is constantly evolving.

We are SEO experts and belong to worldwide mastermind groups that bring together the top SEO’s from across the globe. Our combined research and data analysis enables us to to keep your website far ahead of the competition.

Hello, I’m Sean Burns, the CEO of Rapid Digital and I am standing by to get your website to Google’s first page to ensure massive increases in traffic and revenue.

When a potential customer looks for Edinburgh SEO, they got to this website by the process of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Edinburgh is the capital city of our country Scotland. SEO Edinburgh, is certainly one of the most difficult terms to rank for in the entire country. This proves my SEO skill and experience to you. If I can rank for this, what do you think I can do for your website?

We are the top Edinburgh SEO Agency. We do more than just SEO. We do Web Design Edinburgh, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Video, Graphics and so much more. We are a full scale digital agency.

Let us give you the same blueprint that we’ve used to help hundreds of businesses achieve online success and revenue. We are the #1 Edinburgh SEO Firm, and one of the best in the UK. Our customers are large and small businesses from every industry.

Get started by completing our discovery application found at the top of this page. You will then get a 45 minute marketing consultation for free. This consultation call, will enable us to drill down into your websites current rankings, strengths and areas to be improved. We will discuss potential revenue gains and what is required to move your website into prime position for the long term. You have nothing to lose? Whether you chose to work with us or not, you will end our call with a complete picture of your market, your competitors, and a vision for moving your business forward. Call us without delay and ensure the growth of your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why  Do You Need SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimisation  is the process of ranking your website on page one of Google. Your business needs page one search engine rankings or your potential will not be realised. It’s either good SEO or let your competitors control the online market.

High ranking websites should be optimised properly. The optimisation process will ensure that potential customers find your website and content. Quality optimisation cannot be undertaken by a junior or inexperienced SEO straight out of college or university. You really need to hire an Edinburgh SEO Expert to optimise your website. Nothing else will do it justice. Don’t take any risks.

We will ensure that your website is targeting the best keywords for your business. We will analyse your content and the most searched for terms. We will then plan out, content and site structure adjustments to bring you maximum traffic and profits. These steps are not that difficult to do. However, they are time consuming, and if a mistake is made choosing the right keywords, time, money and lost revenue will ensue.

A major benefit of working with an SEO Expert in Edinburgh is the availability of telephone consultations. You may know what your business needs as the market changes, and you can relay this to us in real time.

Your website is your only employee that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Only a professional SEO can bring maximum visitors to your website. The most beautiful website in the world is useless if your customers can’t find it.

Budget Well Spent.

Your ROI will increase if you hire an expert SEO in Edinburgh. Don’t throw away your budget hoping that someone will click on your banner ad. What an enormous waste. You can reach your target audience who are searching for your product or service when using quality SEO. There is no let’s see what happens advertisement. We can calculate how many people will click through to your site and can estimate how many people will buy or sign up for your product or service. Our expertise and experience will ensure that your business will save masses of time and money.

Finding an Expert.

We are almost certain that you receive emails on a regular basis from SEO Companies from across the globe offering you cheap SEO. Let’s just think about this for a moment. Can there really be such a thing as cheap SEO? We would certainly not be employing a ‘cheap SEO company’ to perform ‘cheap SEO’ on our website. Can you imagine the damage this could cause to your business. We certainly advise against this whether you chose us or not.

The benefits of hiring a Edinburgh SEO expert for your business are many. Make the right choice and contact us today, so we can turbocharge your online business!

Strategic SEO Edinburgh

Does your business need page 1 Google rankings? Imagine the flood of visitors to your website! Our proven techniques will boost your website above your competitors, increase your profits, and KEEP YOU there for the long term.

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We Are A Full Service Digital Agency

We are an internet marketing hub. Why go to different agencies for different aspects of your marketing? With Rapid Digital you don’t have to! We will develop each and every part of your online presence and will know your marketing strategy intimately.

We build websites in house…from simple, small business sites to large scale content management systems. No matter what your budget is we will endeavor to help you.

We also provide an ultra reliable hosting service. Add unlimited domains to your account, and utilise unlimited sub-domains, aliases, web space, traffic and MySQL databases.

We provide a full range of internet marketing services from content creation, social media set-up and management, safe link building, article marketing and much more.

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