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Have you ever wondered what happens after entering a specific word in a search engine and then hitting enter on your keypad? What about the many results that appear in sequence with some appearing on the top and others at the very bottom of the page? Well, all this is connected and made possible by what is called SEO. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation, which is a very powerful technique for website marketing. SEO is a special technique that makes your site to rank top of all the millions of similar pages on response to any search query at any given time. If you have your own business website then you must have at one time or another asked yourself if you can do SEO yourself. The simple answer to that question is YES; however this does not always mean that you should do it yourself as there are so many things to put into consideration before making this decision. The first step is learning what SEO techniques involve and how time consuming it really is.

What SEO involves.

It is imperative to understand what you are getting into before taking the first step. Therefore, before deciding to take care of all optimisation needs on your web page by yourself, make sure you understand what it actually entails. SEO can be very tedious and time consuming when you decide to do it all by yourself as it involves various procedures such as the whole site restructuring, creation of high quality web content that can draw the kind of traffic you require, linking building, market research, marking up content and so many others. All these put together can affect other responsibilities you have because they require hours of work and research to achieve desired results.

Although what you really have to ask yourself before taking on the SEO needs of your website are the following questions:

Do you have the time required to do search engine optimisation?
How important is your time to your business, what is it worth?
Is your time, better spent on learning how to and doing SEO or what you are specialised in?

The answers to these questions will help you understand if it is possible for you to do quality SEO. It will also help you make the right decision before you put all you have worked for at risk with trying to learn and master search engine optimisation.

How does the SEO function?

There are a number of procedures and steps that defines the SEO that the search engines such as Google usually have to follow before they can deliver the results of the search queries. First and foremost is the crawling process whereby the search engines will have to crawl the entire web to find what is available in respect to the search query and this is made possible by the crawler/spider software. After crawling, is indexing of all the contents, after which it will store the pages in a giant database where it can be easily retrieved later on. After getting the search requests, the search engines will then begin to process them by basically trying to compare the indexed pages inside the database to the search strings of the search requests. After processing, the next step is to calculate the relevancy of all of the pages in the index with the available search strings. Finally, the results will be retrieved which is the last process by simply showing or displaying the results on the browsers.

Factors affecting the SEO ranking

Search engine optimisation will always require you to be very attentive and careful with the key words and key word density. The number of times a specific word or phrase appears in a specific article or page is very important and can easily influence the ranking of that particular site, page and articles. The key word density is equally important as the keyword which is a percentage of the number of times the keyword have appeared on the website comparing it to the total number of the words on the page.
Search engines, are so in love with content and links moreover, the more the number of pages you publish, the higher your chances of being found and ranked highly.

So before you go on wasting hours of time trying to optimise your web page and stopping half way because you are overwhelmed you should consider outsourcing the job to professionals. You can easily enlist the SEO services of some qualified experts from the internet that will help you greatly improve the ranking of your pages and your entire business at large. You should however study the SEO provider company and make sure that the have the right experience and skills to get the job done.

Once upon a time, long ago, the internet was a novel curiosity. While it was met with instant and highly adopted applications, its true potential, and its true place as the backbone of society had yet to be realized. This was a time when a website was an optional and somewhat hobbyist endeavor, even for big companies.
Certainly, few wise corporations dismissed the wisdom of designing a web page, but building a functional site versus building a great, well-designed site is a significant contrast.
In these formative years, mastery of design skill, or rather the lack thereof was forgiven often enough. Even the “best designed” pages of the early days were quite unattractive, in retrospect.

As browsers themselves became more powerful along with their host computers, fancier technologies, though still truly limited, came along to add just a little bit of panache to the serious website.
And so, near the turn of the century, the first inklings of real competition by show via online presence came about. And in the wake of this new field came many professionals skilled in the new forms of programming, of design and implementation.
As nicely done as these pages could be, accomplishing that kind of quality was very, very far from easy.

Since those days, the internet’s available bandwidth to deliver content has rapidly expanded, allowing multimedia-rich web experiences as smooth and natural as native interfaces. And along with this expansion of use and expansion of power has come a massive increase in the skill required to make it all work excellently.
Even with the advent of managed systems like WordPress and the like making web presence professionally accessible to the masses, actually employing those services well is a daunting task even now.

Nowadays, no professional can afford to neglect a strong, professional web presence, if they wish to succeed. As time continues to pass, the internet will overtake increasingly more facets of daily life, as is reasonable for it. There will come a time when minimal, poorly-handled or nonexistent web presence will spell certain doom for a company.
Well, we’re not all artists, programmers or interface designers. Those are very high-level skills requiring an innate talent and a lot of knowledge of the mediums in question.
Hiring a permanent web department is often impractical for a lot of companies, and so that means seeking out a design and implementation service that really knows what they’re doing. Fail to mention, really gets your company’s mission as well.

In the past, this has required scouting a multitude of more niche services, covering the very wide array of skills that go into modern sleek web design. This included interface designers, graphic designers, PHP programmers, database specialists, IT gurus and of course content writers.
Never did it really seem possible to find someone who not only did it all, but did it all exceedingly well.

Fortunately, Rapid Digital is exactly that kind of company. We know what companies are looking for in a comprehensive web presence. We live and breathe user experience, interface and graphical design and the fickle science of SEO.
We’re here to design a comprehensive and intuitive website for you, offering WordPress SEO optimization, complete with custom graphic design for themes, logos and branding.
We can integrate the best WordPress plugins as well.
On top of this, no need to scrounge the dregs of freelance writing sites to locate and take a leap of faith with random writers. Put your trust in us to handle complete and total content creation as well.

Bespoke HTML or WordPress site? Not a problem at all, we can build on anything that already exists, and make it sing for you guaranteed. We believe that all websites, no matter how small or how tremendous should be equally competitive and effective. We can work with additional technologies beyond WordPress, integrating the massively multimedia experience the most competitive tech-savvy companies use to compete in the new age.

In this modern age, your presence on the internet is going to be the very first impression you make. And, people are not easily impressed in the 21st century. A site without any flash or flair, a site without any soul or dynamism is a site that isn’t going to get traffic or exposure.
We capture that soul, that magic every time we create a new site, or build upon an existing one. We love what we do, and what we do is to bring the best internet presence to your organization that money can buy. Did we mention that in this case, it’s not even that much money?

We work tirelessly to keep our rates as competitive as possible so any business or organization has equal access to our elite services. Nobody should be without that chance to shine before the world which only a well-built internet presence can create.
With the power of search engine optimization, high quality WordPress integration and skinning, we can help you produce that immaculately professional website to rival competitors and wow the masses.
A wise philosopher once said that a man who did not make the most use of the tools he was given was a man who was a fool. There has never been a truer statement made in all of history.

There is a vast, living network of people, of lives and wants and desires just waiting for you to reach out to them. Let Rapid Digital’s phenomenal web design and customization skills help you reach out to them and become the success that your company deserves to be in this brave new world we find ourselves in.
We understand that in such a profoundly internet-based world, you have a nearly infinite number of choices for who can build your AAA presence online. Don’t let this vast abyss keep you from becoming the great success you can be through the power of the digital world.

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